2005GEN - 16 Teach Camp Aslantaş Kadirli

2005GEN - 16 Teach Camp Aslantaş Kadirli

2005GEN - 16 Teach Camp Aslantaş Kadirli

2005GEN - 16 Teach Camp Aslantaş Kadirli

2005GEN - 16 Teach Camp Aslantaş Kadirli

2005GEN - 16 Teach Camp Aslantaş Kadirli

2005GEN - 16 Teach Camp Aslantaş Kadirli


OSMANİYE, KADİRLİ, ASLANTAŞ   16 Ağustos 2005 - 30 Ağustos 2005

Osmaniye'nin Kadirli ilçesinde, Aslantaş Baraj Gölü kıyısındaki gençlik merkezinde Osmaniyeli gençler için düzenlediğimiz bu kampa 2 Türk + 9 yabancı gönüllü ve 50 yerel genç katıldı. Aynı tarihlerde GEN-16B koduyla Düziçi ilçesinde düzenleyeceğimiz kampa yeterli sayıda gönüllü başvurusu olmayınca o kampa katılacak yerel gençler de bu kampa aktarıldı. Kampın liderliğini Zafer Yılmaz ve Miriam Bektaş üstlendi.



The governorship of Osmaniye is going to host around 50 young students from the city, for a special 2 weeks holiday at a youth center by the lake. This holiday will offer a great opportunity for the students to meet foreign young people, to practise English and to learn about each other's countries and cultures. Volunteers will encourage the local youth to speak English through daily activities like sports, in-outdoor games, discussions, info days, competitions, arts and crafts, music, etc. Experience with teenagers will be a plus. As there are 2 camps at the same site, it is possible to participate in both camps and stay for a month.

W: Practising English with local youth.

A: At the youth center, in dormitories for 4 people. Sleeping bag and mat are not necessary.

F: Will be supplied at the center.

LA: English.

Q: Volunteers need not to be a native speaker butmust be at least 20 years old and have a good level of English. A motivation letter must be sent with the application form.

LO: Osmaniye is at the south east of Turkey. T: Istanbul.



DATES: 16.08 – 30.08.2005

PRE-CAMP DAYS: 13.08 – 16.08.2005 PCD isan optional sight seeing program in Istanbul with an extra cost of EURO 60.-.As there are a lot of Interesting sites to see in the ISTANBUL wereccommend you to join in the Pre Camp Days together with the other volunteers of your own camp rather than trying to discover the city by your own. The PCD also aims to bring the camp participants together in a relaxing atmosphere in order to get to know each other better and to establish good friendships before the camp starts. The cost covers 3 nights accommodations with breakfast in a youth hostel dormitory, 2 world famous museum entrances, a boat trip through the Bosphorus.Please be aware that this is not a professional guided tour.



LOCATION: Osmaniye is a big city in the south of Turkeyat the end of the Mediterranean basin. The campsite is about 1 hour far from the city center by a lake.

PARTNER: The governorship of Osmaniye.

PROJECT / WORK : To practice English with the high school students of 15-17 years.

AIM: The pupils of the schools are learning English at the classrooms grammatically but they have less chance to practice. Mainly English grammar is thought in the schools but the pupils are suffering of having no chance to use their knowledge in the daily life. This camp will give them the opportunity to meet people who speak good English and encourage them to practice their foreign language. This camp also aims to make the pupils live a different experience while realizing a cultural exchange.

LEADER: A bilingual,ex volunteer who is responsible for the smooth running of the camp. Our leaders are also volunteers. They are neither paid staff nor professionals. Most of them are university students who dedicate their free time for the development of the country and for helping to the local projects and to the foreign young people who participate in GENCTUR camps. They all have previous workcamp experience and participate in preparatory meetings.

ACCOMMODATION : In the dormitory of the premises. Sleeping bag and mat are not necessary.

FOOD:Will be supplied at the campsite.

ORIENTATION MEETING: In order to get to knowthe other volunteers and to havebasic information on the camp,Turkey and its culture, GENCTUR organizes an orientation meeting on the firstday of the camp.All volunteers have to attend to get information about the camp and to travel to the camp site altogether.

MEETING POINT : GENCTUR Office:Istiklal Cad. 212 Aznavur Pasajı Kat:5 GalatasarayISTANBUL (close to Taksim, where the shuttle bus terminates)

MEETING DATE / HOUR: 16.08.2005TUESDAY15 .00

TRANSPORTATION: By a non-smoking inter-city coach from ISTANBUL to Osmaniye then by bus to the campsite. (15 hours) One-way transport to the campsite is organized by GENCTUR, which will cost about EURO 35.- for eachvolunteer. The group travels together and is assisted by the leader.

AFTER THE CAMP : As everyone has got different plans, and wishes to go different places after the camp, no group travel back to ISTANBUL is organized by GENCTUR. In case every one wants to go to the same place or come back to ISTANBUL, the group may travel together. If every one wants to travel individually or in small groups the group leader helps you to arrange your travel and to obtain a ticket.


SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:Volunteers must have a good level of English and send a motivation letter.

NOTES: * If the group travels out of the campsite for the free days, transport, accommodation and food expenses are

volunteers' own responsibility. * The volunteers are expected to respect the rules of the camp and the traditions of the locals and should follow the directions of the group leader.

REGISTRATION FEE:The volunteers coming from a workcamp organization those hosts GENÇTUR volunteers in their camps are not charged any fee. Other volunteers should pay an inscription fee of EURO 50.-, which is charged to cover the expenses of running the program and the office works all year around. Please be aware that this fee is not related with the physical conditions of the camp like the quality of the bed or amount of the food. The fee is paid on arrival, in cash. As GENCTUR doesn't get any financial support from government, local administrations or any other institutionthis inscription fee is a need.

WHAT TO BRING: A light raincoat / Warm clothes for the nights / Musical instruments that you can play / Games / Pictures of your environment i.e. family, friends, home, school / Your interest, fun and enthusiasm for the project and the group / Your personal goods / Medicines against diarrhea, sun stroke, pains, allergies/ A hat against the sun / Insurance documents /Enough money for your transport to and from the camp site, for your personal expenses.

WHAT NOT TO BRING : Drugs / Also please keep in mind that décolleté dresses, mini skirts, may not be allowed in thecamp site

where the locals may be disturbed and teased by these types of garments.

LEADER'S LETTER: You will receive a letter from the group leader before your camp starts, giving information about him/herself, and the

camp. If you do not receive it at most 1 week before your camp starts, please contact your sending organisation. Youcan also see a copy of it on our WEB site www.genctur.com . With a current list of participants of your camp. So to getthe final changes you should better follow it from the GENCTUR’s WEB site.

CURRENCY: 1 $ = 1.34 New Turkish Liras(YTL.) and 1 Euro = 1.73 YTL. while his info sheet has been prepared.All prices in the"Volunteers' Guide" and/or on the info-sheet are given as foreign currencies due to daily changes of the rate ofTL. in order to give an idea about the prices and to keep the fees and faresstable. Thus volunteers are supposed to pay theequal amount of TL. and don't need to bring or have foreign currencies for paying theregistrationfee and the cost of transport.Please do not forget or get confused by the new turkish liras, there are still old million coins and paper moneyin use(current) but all the prices are now signed with the new money amounts. Example 1.000.000 Mil. Tl.are now 1.00 Ytl.it has the same value but different writing. (You can get more infos at any bank or change office)

INSURANCE: There is no insurance on our camps this year. Volunteers should have their own travel insurance against illnesses and accidents.

GENERAL INFO ON GENCTUR CAMPS : Is on the WEB page of GENCTUR. Please visit www.genctur.com and read all the info very carefully before you arrive.

LEISURE TIME POSSIBILITIES : Visiting natural beauties around the town, swimming, Turkish bath.There is also a swimming-pool open for the volunteers at special times.

EMERGENCY CONTACT: Zafer Yilmaz or Miriam Bektas. Tel: +90 212 244 62 30 - Fax: +90 212 244 62 33 E-Mail : workcamps.in@genctur.com

COMMUNICATION: International calls can easily be made from the post office by the counter system phones (you pay as long as you talk), or by phone cards or tokens, which are available from the post office in the town.

PHONE NO OF THE CAMP: +90 328 719 24 18

PS: The information given on the info-sheet may change due to changes of conditions. The volunteers will be informed in this case.



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