2019 Water Lily 08.06 - 29.06.2019 Düzce

2019 Water Lily 08.06 - 29.06.2019 Düzce

2019 Water Lily 08.06 - 29.06.2019 Düzce

2019 Water Lily 08.06 - 29.06.2019 Düzce

2019 Water Lily 08.06 - 29.06.2019 Düzce


DÜZCE, -, -   08 Haziran 2019 - 29 Haziran 2019

Son bir kaç yıldır hep daha az gönüllü ile yaptığımız bu kampa bu yıl katılım tamdı. 1 Türk, 1 Çek, 1 Fin ve 2 Filistinli olmak üzere, 5 kadın gönüllü başvurdu ve hepsi geldi. Bu yıl kampı kurum müdürü Selma Demirelli ile anlaşarak 3 haftaya çıkartmıştık. Ancak gönüllüler ve kurum karşılıklı anlaşarak yıl sonu partisinden sonra kampı 1 hafta önce bitirmeye karar vermişler. Gönüllüler de kamptan ayrılarak gezmeye gitmişler.



The Water Lily Women Cooperative is running a kindergarten for the kids of the working mothers of Duzce city. In order to raise fund they also organize different activities related with their jobs. Producing home made food like jam, tomato sauce, powder soup and selling them, is a source of income for the cooperative.

W: Female volunteers needed for playing games, organizing activities, practicing English with the kids. Also some manual work for gardening and wall painting is needed. If you are talented on gardening or can play a portable instrument or teach some games / handicrafts to the kids, help to organize the year end party on 22.06, you are very welcome.

A: In the kindergarten. Sleeping bag and mat are not necessary.

F: Will be supplied at the site.

LA: English.

LO: Duzce is a big city in the north-west of Turkey. Camp site is in the suburb of the city but safe and secure.

Arrivals and Meeting Point : GHD office in Istanbul. The project will start in Istanbul with a compulsory orientation meeting that all volunteers should attend on 08th of June, in GHD Office at 10.00. The group will travel together to the camp site by a coach on the same afternoon. Therefore all volunteers must arrive in Istanbul on the 07th of June, otherwise you will miss the group departure on the 08th and will have to make your own way to the camp site. The journey to the camp site takes 4 hours and one way costs 10 Euro. The departure from the camp site is on the 29th of June after breakfast.

Note: No alcohol is permitted during the camp at the campsite and the accommodation venue. Smoking is not allowed while volunteers are with the kids.

Please be aware that this is a spesific, early dated project for female volunteers only. The places may not be filled in completely and you might be the only volunteer at the project if there is no other application. But even if you are the only volunteer you will enjoy being with the kids, playing with them and having very close contact with the locals and the staff of the cooperative who are very friendly.

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